Commercial Investments - apartments, corporate leases etc

Why settle for commercial CAP rates of 6, 5 or even 4% here in NZ when
 the US can readily offer you 10,15 and even 20% returns? - albeit leveraged returns via their discounted bank loans .


Investment Options

We build all our properties new and are are pleased to offer you two different commercial investments to choose from.
The first is a new 100 unit apartment block in Memphis TN with a ROI of 20-22% and the second is a new corporate space in Houston Texas with strong 15 yr lease agreements in place and a ROI of 14-15%. (and in case you were wondering, you do earn interest on your investment capital while we build and tenant your project)

NB and of course, if there was another type of investment project that you were looking for (for example an office/warehouse), then please ask. 


200-pix-white-seminar-invite.pngA US Property Evening

If you are a serious investor, have at least USD $150K and would like to consider an investment into US property market, then book your seat with other like minded professionals at one of our US property evenings.

Other than some fine reds and cheese, you'll be able to hear us directly speak to the most common FAQ's going into the US market, and for your tax or legal questions, we've also invited a senior partner from law firm Glaister Ennor and an International tax specialist to speak to you for a few minutes.   Booking form & details here





Introduction to US property, anyone can earn a 10, 15 or 20% ROI

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Why property's cheap, ROI's are high

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Commercial, residential properties with any ROI you want (almost)

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DIY US investment, things to be wary of ...

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Tax accounting etc

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About the properties we buy


Money matters - the basics

Who should invest in US property?

Food for thought - investment strategy