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Introduction to US Property Investment

Anyone can earn 10,15 or 20% from US investment property(s)

At Estero we make hi-return US investment property easily and safely accessible to any NZ investor and we are not exaggerating when we say literally anyone can earn 10, 15 or 20% from a US property investment. After all, how could you not earn those returns when you can buy a US property for only a ¼ or less than what we pay here in NZ?townhome pic R.jpg

This prices many of their large big city family homes at $200-$250K instead of $1-2M that we are getting used to. But fortunately their rents are not that low by comparison, for example a $200K home will typically rent for $2000/month providing a gross return of 12% or a net of 8-9% (and there are literally 1000's of US homes that fit this ROI equation).

However, the 15 - 20% ROI’s we described earlier still wouldn’t be possible without the abundance cheap mortgage money that is available in the US. Using the $200K house example provided above, and depending on the size of deal, it would be easy to borrow US funds and lift your ROI on a new property from 8% up to 20 or even higher percent return

And although the ROI’s are not quite as high for US commercial properties with long-term leases, the formula nevertheless remains similar in that if you buy or build(with our help) a space with a CAP rate of say 6%, you will still be able to borrow US funds to lift your ROI up nearer 15%

As such, Estero are able to offer you (the investor) a huge range of investment options starting with a smaller single home for $75K ranging up to $1M plus for some of our commercial deals.

The benefits we offer vary according to the package, but mostly include: 

  • Complete turn-key delivery – tenanted and cash flowing
  • Property Management
  • 1yr Income Guarantees
  • US bank loans (non-recourse)
  • On site property tour if requested
  • Live Video property tours on request





The US Bank funding (we arrange) is the key to our entire business model as not only does it increase your ROI's to 15, 20% or more, it also provides valuable investment property cross-checks making it almost impossible to buy a lemon. US bank loans are available through our Syndicate, Professional and Premium Investor Packages. Read more here about being 'lemon-proof' and here to see all our Investment options that include a US bank loan

Very quickly, the bank loan advantages are:

  • Location Assurance
  • Increased returns through leverage
  • Stablised investment income 
  • Better quality properties for the same ROI