Welcome to a US Property Evening

seminar invite plain 12914133.jpgEvery few weeks (according to demand), we run a US property evening for investors who are seriously thinking about buying US property but would like to find out more, and meet other like minded investors, before jumping into the market. - see notes and registration form below

Broadly speaking, the evening will consist of:

  • Estero:  We will address the most common FAQ's. Why are the properties so cheap, Are the returns and properties for real, Who manages the properties, What about vacancies, How safe is the US economy now, How does one exit the investment? etc

  • Legal: Well known law firm Glaister Ennor will speak to you about application of the NZ Securities Act to this type of offer and point out some of the risks you should consider with this type of investment

  • Accounting: Well known International tax expert, Mike Roberts from MJ Roberts and Associates, will speak to you about getting the right corporate tax structure to insure you are not taxed twice on your off shore earnings

  • Wine & Cheese: Most importantly, there will be one or two fine reds and cheese boards to keep you company.


The evening will be held in seminar rooms either in Parnell or an Auckland city location to be advised.

BUT ...

before registering your interest using the form below, please note:

  1. Although the evening is FREE for serious investors only, you will be required to pay a $200 seat bond if/when you confirm your attendance (the form below simply registers your interest and no payment is require at this time). Your $200 bond will be refunded immediately as you arrive at the event.

  2. A serious investor means you have at least USD $150K to invest into the US market providing you are satisfied with the risks & rewards of the proposal that is put to you.

  3. Finally, we don't do hard sell. You are invited to this evening to relax and enjoy yourself, learn more about the market and contemplate investing into high yield US property. Having said that, if you are in a position to make a quick investment decision we will make you an offer on the night for one of our projects that won't be made available on our website.

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