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A worthwhile Investment

A worthwhile Investment If you're hoping to gain some financial security in your future, the U.S is a good place to buy. Although the market hasn't entirely recovered from the crash of 2007, the rainbow is starting to appear through the clouds. And…
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Buffet Recovery

Recovery in Sight, According to Investment Mogul   One of the wisest and most successful investors in the world is betting on recovery for the American property market.  Overseas media have been frequently speaking with, and writing about, Warren …
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Any risks overseas?

  Risky Business? Property Investment Overseas   Now is the time to buy.  With the United States still experiencing a struggling economy, property investment abroad is an excellent opportunity to consider. Compared to purchasing at home, buyers a…
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Money in the bank

Money in the Bank   Risk is a natural part of life. Sometimes we take ones that benefit us, and other times we wind up learning a very valuable lesson.  When it comes to money, many people choose not to risk it. Instead they deposit it in a bank, …
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Asking the Right Questions

Asking the Right Questions   Knowledge is the key to making smart decisions.  While it may be logical that location is the number one factor when it comes to investing in real estate, not everyone realises that physical locale is only a small part…
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4th January 2015
 This year could be the year the US economy finall…
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13th January 2015
One of New Zealand's biggest real estate agencies …
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