Risky Business? Property Investment Overseas


Now is the time to buy. 

With the United States still experiencing a struggling economy, property investment abroad is an excellent opportunity to consider. Compared to purchasing at home, buyers are finding they can yield upwards of 15% annual net return offshore, compared to only 1-2% here in New Zealand.

stockfresh_2458826_debt-animal-trap_sizeS_-_r.jpgAnd knowing the American housing market will eventually recover, there could be some strong capital gains to be made in the future. 

But how do you know what you’re getting is a jewel in the rough? 

Understandably some buyers experience hesitation. The property is not available for inspection on their front doorstep and the cost involved in travelling overseas, only to discover a lemon, could be great. 

Even if you do find a good home, property investment still carries many risks. With an ever-changing economy, currency can fluctuate rapidly, affecting value. There’s also the question of when the economy will recover from its downtown? How long will investors need to sit on their purchase? 

What about the financial cost in maintaining the house? While buyers can involve a property management company, how can one be sure the company will maintain a high standard? When it comes to selling how difficult will the exit strategy be and will the property investment have been worth it? 

According to a 2012 survey by the Huffington Post, America continues to be listed as one of the top three global areas in which to invest. In 2011 they were number one and last year they came in just behind Brazil. In fact, for the price of one home in New Zealand, Kiwis can purchase up to six properties in the United States and net up to five times as much off the investment.                                                               

You may wonder how this is possible. Let us, at Estero, talk you through it. We’ll help ease your concerns and show you how to maximize your earnings. We even provide a guaranteed return on your property investment for the first year you own it. 

We are confident about success because we’ve personally travelled to the United States and inspected each home we’re advertising. Further, we believe in them so much that we’ve already purchased the properties ourselves. We’re reaping the rewards, and now we’re willing to share them with you! 

Talk to us at Estero today and let us show you the full benefits of property investment abroad. 


Consider making your investment now. Talk to us at Estero today and find out how we can help