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Estero - a quick word about the Owner

It pays to know your market and, with more than 30 years business experience, Lindsay Jarvis is a well-seasoned veteran. Having spent twenty of those years in buildings and properties, Lindsay managed a successful construction company that, at its peak, employed approximately 100 staff. Over that period he completed more than $40 million dollars worth of commercial and residential work. 

Lindsay's love of property, coupled with his extensive experience, provide a great foundation for this exciting venture into the American market. His strategic focus and keen eye have enabled him to locate prime property investment deals in the United States, as well as to meet the company's three primary objectives:


    • Offer a variety of different hi-yield property investment options that appeal to different investors.
    • Provide complete turnkey investments with full cash flow at handover, by undertaking all research and hard work in the lead up.
    • Include strong guarantees and assurances for each property, so investors feel comfortable with the long-term view of their purchase.

For the best deals, see our Premium Investor options that come with ROI's ranging from 10-20%, as well as Rental and Maintenance Guarantees, Location Assurances and other added benefits!

Our Investment Criteria

If the property ticks these three boxes, we'll buy it!

1. CASH FLOW: Whilst many Investors focus on capital gain, we like to concentrate more on cash flow (income) and believe capital gain is something for our children, rather than ourselves. With this in mind, we've found the US market almost unbeatable as it effortlessly offers us ROI's in the 10-20% range as opposed  to the piffling1-4% that many local property investments offer! For more about our hi-yield cash flow returns, check out our Premium Investor Plans here

2. LOCATION: We all know the importance of buying in the right location, and although we've made cash flow our number one priority, we know that buying in the right area is also very important. Therfore, to protect ourselves and our Investors from buying property in the wrong location, we have developed a close alliance with a local US mortgage fund. This company, in addition to offering us 30yr mortgage facility for our properties, has developed exceptionally strong algorithms to check economic, demographic and geographical data as part of an assessment for the long term viability of a property. Of course they have not developed this complex check for our benefit, but more to ensure the banks money is safe when they offer a 30yr loan, that is secured only by the property itself. 

Find out more about our Location Assurance here

3. RISK: There is little point in having good cash flow and good location if there are other risks that could bring it all to an end at some time in the future. For example, if a seaside property rented well, the location was considered desirable, and therefore it valued well, BUT we could see there was an erosion problem and the ocean was slowly reclaiming the land, then we wouldn't buy this property even if the problem appeared to be many years in the future.

Our points of difference 

We lead by example: afterall, how can we promote this unique opportunity to Investors, if we are not prepared to do the same ourselves?... which is why we bought 5 properties before we even opened our doors for business. 

We go the extra mile: actually more like 100,000 miles is what we've flown in the last few months to properly check out the market and properties so our Investors can be very confident we know what we are talking about. 

Guarantees and Assurances: Depending on which of our products an Investor chooses, we offer up to 3yr Rent and Maintenance Guarantees and location assurances when we use a local US mortgage facility.

Legal and accounting: We have seen that many Investors have actually got the wrong corporate structure to take advantage of the Tax treaty between New Zealand and the US and will get a nasty shock if they are audited by the IRD. Therefore to make sure we do not fall into the same trap, we've spent many thousands of dollars and organised phone conference calls between NZ tax specialists and US tax specialists to get the right corporate structure and will be pleased to make this information freely available for our Premium Investors.

Last, but not least: Integrity, we will be honest with you, even if it costs us the sale.