US Investment Property, the skies the limit (almost)

Once you understand the basics of the US economy, their build costs, finance costs etc you will see, under the right conditions, anyone can earn 15, 20 or even up to 25% on their investment capital. (watch video here) If you are looking for turnkey investments with these returns, check out our investment options below.


Apartments/Corporate spaces: for a minimum USD $150K with ROI's up to 20%, our syndicate Investments are exceptionally good value for money and are expected to be a particularly safe investment due to the project's size and special corporate structure we use. A Limited Partnership is used as the special purpose entity to buy your properties and we have commercial spaces a with 15yr triple net lease (15% ROI) or a tenanted apartment blocks (20-22% ROI) to choose from

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Single Family Homes / Apartment Blocks: Own a portfolio comprising 5 (or more) NEW single family homes (SFH) or a multiplex apartment block. Your SFH portfolio options start at USD $300K with a 14-16% ROI whereas our apartment blocks offer you a 20-22% ROI for $1.8M (or $150K via syndicate)  All our properties are delivered to you with:

  • paying tenants in 1-2 yr lease agreements
  • property management in place
  • US bank loan NON-recourse (ie no personal guarantee)
  • 2 year income guarantee

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Commercial properties: if long term commercial leases (15 year plus) is your thing, then check out our professional investor page. This offer requires an investment (deposit) of USD $900K (or $150K via syndicate) and we arrange the US bank loan to complete the purchase.  The ROI on your investment will be 15% and all properties are delivered with:

  • tenants signed into 15 year Triple Net lease
  • strong 5 year corporate guarantee
  • US bank loan - NON recourse (ie no guarantees)
  • 2 year income guarantee

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Buy a single property: If you'd like to put one toe in the water and feel your way into US market, then try our Casual Investor option. For as little as USD $75K+ you can buy a single property and gain your confidence before buying one of our portfolios. This option has the huge added advantage that we've met the vendors and can personally endorse them. Our Casual Investor properties are supplied with:

  • tenants
  • property management
  • 1 year no maintenance guarantee

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About the properties, what we do ...


Money matters - the basics

Who should invest in US property?

Food for thought - investment strategy




Introduction to US property, anyone can earn a 10, 15 or 20% ROI

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Why property's cheap, ROI's are high

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Commercial, residential properties with any ROI you want (almost)

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DIY US investment, things to be wary of ...

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Tax accounting etc

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