About our investment properties & what we do.   

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  • Essentially we offer you 3 different property investment choices 
    -Commercial properties with long-term leases returning 14-15% on your investment capital.
    -SFRs or 1-4 units in portfolios of 5 or more with ROI's in the 14-18% range.
    -Multi-family apartment blocks with 14-18% ROI's
  • We build all our properties new. This increases your true ROI/yield by heavily reducing maintenance costs for the first few years and reducing vacancy costs particularly with residential tenancies (ie it's much easier to keep tenants in new or near new premises).
  • All our properties are delivered to you fully property managed and with paying tenants in mostly 2yr leases or up to 15 yr leases with some of our corporate spaces.
  • The corporate structure by which you own the property(s) is important in terms of borrowing funds in the US and for tax reasons. This is explained more in the Investment Summary that you can request from the previous page. 
  • Interestingly, the ROI on your investment is significantly affected by two factors. Firstly, how much you invest and secondly the property type you purchase with the ROI range being between 14 and up to 20% for some bigger projects. 
    Order our Investment Summary to see examples of the different ROI's.
  • This investment is not an offer to the public and you will need to be compliant with The Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013 before you can buy any of our investment properties. Read more here.
  • We offer a 2yr income guarantee with all our new investment properties (conditions apply) 
  • Although a smaller housing investment only takes 12-16 weeks to get ready, you can still earn substantial interest on your investment capital while you wait for us to get your properties ready - ask about our equity partner options using any of the forms within our website.
  • The properties we buy are always located in major built up cities of a million or more people with substantial infra-structure and large employers such as Fedex, International paper or other fortune 500 companies.

 Why invest in property, and particular US property?

  • Where else can you own new property in a built up city surrounded by Fortune 500 companies for security and earn 20% or better on investment capital PLUS capital gain? and all starting for as little as USD $200K 
  • Good property can provide strong cash flow, and unlike shares in the share market, cannot disappear into thin air!
  • The NZ dollar versus the greenback is still considered way too high by the NZ reserve bank potentially paving the way for good currency gains for those who invest now.



seminar invite 12914133 -white.jpgA US Property Evening

If you are a serious investor, have at least USD $150K and would like to consider an investment into US property market, then book your seat with other like minded professionals at one of our US property evenings.

Other than some fine reds and cheese, you'll be able to hear us directly speak to the most common FAQ's going into the US market, and for your tax or legal questions, we've also invited a senior partner from law firm Glaister Ennor and an International tax specialist to speak to you for a few minutes.   Booking form & details here