US Investment Property, the skies the limit (almost)

Once you understand the basics of the US economy, their build costs, finance costs etc you will see, under the right conditions, anyone can earn 15, 20 or even up to 25% on their investment capital. (watch video here) If you are looking for turnkey investments with these returns, check out our investment options below.


Single Family Residences (SFR's) or 1-4 Family Units: Own a portfolio comprising 5 or more NEW single family homes (SFR's). Your SFR investment options start at $200K returning you 14-16% or for $300K or more, we can discuss different property types with ROI's up to 18 or 20%. All our properties are NEW and delivered to you with:

  • paying tenants in mostly 2yr lease agreements
  • property management in place
  • a long term US bank loan NON-recourse (ie no personal guarantee)
  • 2 year income guarantee

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Commercial Spaces and/or Apartment Blocks: Why accept commercial property returns 4-6% when you can own a brand new corporate space fully leased for 15 years only a stones throw from the likes of Exxon Mobil returning you 14-16%? Choose from small apartment blocks of 10 or more units starting at USD $300K (+ our US bank loan) with ROI's in the 14-18% range OR our long-term corporate leases starting at USD $900K (+ our US bank loan) with 14-16% ROIs. All our properties are NEW and delivered to you with

  • paying tenants in 1-2 yr or 15yr leases agreements
  • property management in place for apartments
  • US bank loan NON-recourse (ie no personal guarantee)
  • 5 year corporate guarantee for 15yr lease spaces.

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Equity Partnerships - 20-30% ROIs: If you'd like the opportunity to earn higher returns on your investment capital BUT don't want to commit your funds on a long term basis, then investing as an equity partner will probably suit you. 

As you know the US economy is now is strong recovery mode and many of their new properties are now being sold before the ground slabs are even dry. This has given rise to the opportunity to help fund construction for mostly 60-90 days until the sale has closed.

To invest as one of our equity partners you'll at least USD $100K, although we can easily place investments of $250K, $500K or $1M plus. The return on your investment capital will not be less than 20-30% on an annualised basis, although it can easily be higher when the property closes in a shorter time-frame, and your funds will be strongly secured by a US attorney placing you in first mortgage position on the title.


If this type of investment is of interest to you, use our contact form here to email us and we'll arrange a time to discuss this in more detail including specific projects we have available right now.





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Introduction to US property, anyone can earn a 10, 15 or 20% ROI

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Commercial, residential properties with any ROI you want (almost)

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