US Bank Finance 


US bank finance is made available through both our Premium and Professional Investor Plans (here) and as highlighted below, the bank funding is much, much more important than just increasing investor returns via leverage:

  • Location Assurance: the US market is too big and complex for us, (or any person), to fully comprehend without some sophisticated cross-checks. We therefore use US mortgage lenders to ensure all our US properties are well located and have an excellent long-term outlook as investment property. Put more simply, when the bank is putting up 70% or more of the purchase price, they have become very good and protecting themselves from investing in the wrong locations and by default this also protects you. Read more here 
  • Stabilises investment income: It's very simple, the more properties an investor can own, the more stable the income. Therefore one of the primary reasons we offer access to US bank finance is to increase the number of properties in a portfolio NOT to reduce the deposit on a single property. A simple illustration of this concept could be an investment property that needs a new roof. This cost would obviously have a much smaller impact on a ROI if there were 10 properties in the portfolio than say 2 or 3.
  • Better quality properties: quite simply, 15% ROI leveraged (as we offer through one of our Premium and Professional Investor Plans), will always give the Investor a higher quality property than 15% ROI without leverage. Send us an email (here) if you would like this explained further. 
  • Leverage:  in the right circumstances, such as the US offers, borrowing money from a bank can substantially lift and investors income read more here .


Dependent on the size and location of an investor's portfolio, we work with a number of different US mortgage lenders. The terms of their loans are typically:

• 30-year amortization
• Fixed interest rates on 5 or 10 year balloons, with minimum terms and early repayment penalties
• Non-recourse loan 
• Interest rates 4-6%
• 65-75% LTV (Loan to Value)