Ikea to open in Memphis

Posted by MarkL on January 26, 2015

A city really knows it has been put on the map when Swedish furniture giant IKEA opens up a store. 


IKEA announced plans recently to open a 260,000 square metre store on a 35-acre tract in the Wolfchase corridor, 15 miles of downtown Memphis. 

Memphis is already home to some of America's best known companies such as Nike, Fedex and Electrolux and while IKEA is just opening a store it will make a contribution to the local economy. 

IKEA estimates it will open in late 2016 with 175 full-time employees earning $40,000 or more per year plus another 100 part-time employees. The construction of the new store will also create a number of jobs. 

“We are excited at the possibility of growing our southeastern US presence with a potential Memphis store,” said IKEA U.S. CFO Rob Olson in an official statement.

“This proposed location in such a vibrant retail corridor could provide our already 37,000 Memphis-area customers their own store and introduce the unique IKEA shopping experience to other consumers throughout western Tennessee, northeastern Arkansas, northwestern Mississippi, and beyond.”

The Swedish retailer will develop a store that would feature 10,000 designed items, 50 inspirational room-settings, and a 300-seat restaurant. Other amenities include a “Children’s IKEA” area, baby care rooms and play areas.