Property Management

Selecting the right Property Managers?

Our frequent travel to the US has made it possible for us to personally meet and select the best property managers to look after the properties for us and our investors.

How long does it take to find a tenant?

Because we are buying/building in good areas with high rental demand, tenants are usually screened and placed within 1-2 weeks of vacancy BUT this is not guaranteed. We have seen situations where it can take 4 weeks or longer because we are waiting for a good quality tenant…and believe us, they are worth waiting for!

Casual Investors: Are guaranteed the first years rent on all our properties here

Premium Investors: Are guaranteed 2yrs rent here

How much do property managers (PMs) charge?

The PM’s that we work with, typically charge 8-10% of rents received.

What are the PM fees to find a tenant?

If the tenant leaves after only 6 months, the PM very often will not charge to find another tenant since the rental agreements are minimum one year. Beyond this time the PM’s will charge 2-4 weeks rent to screen and place another tenant in the property.