Estero - a quick word about the Owner

It pays to know your market and, with more than 30 years business experience, Lindsay Jarvis is a well-seasoned veteran. Having spent twenty of those years in buildings and properties, Lindsay managed a successful construction company that, at its peak, employed approximately 100 staff. Over that period he completed more than $40 million dollars worth of commercial and residential work. 

Lindsay's love of property, coupled with his extensive experience, provide a great foundation for this exciting venture into the American market. His strategic focus and keen eye have enabled him to locate prime property investment deals in the United States, as well as to meet the company's three primary objectives:


    • Offer a variety of different hi-yield property investment options that appeal to different investors.
    • Provide complete turnkey investments with full cash flow at handover, by undertaking all research and hard work in the lead up.
    • Include strong guarantees and assurances for each property, so investors feel comfortable with the long-term view of their purchase.

For the best deals, see our Premium Investor options that come with ROI's ranging from 10-20%, as well as Rental and Maintenance Guarantees, Location Assurances and other added benefits!

Our Investment Criteria

If the property ticks these two boxes, we'll buy it!

1. CASH FLOW: There's a reason for the expression 'cash flow is king' and whilst capital gain is great, and worth contemplating, we classify that type of return as a 'definite maybe' because it's an unproven gain until it's actually realised. You will therefore see all our investment plans/properties here focus exclusively on maximising cash flow returns because we think here now today money is what counts!  

2. LOCATION: We all know the importance of buying in the right location, and although we've said 'cash flow is king', none of that matters if you buy in the wrong place! Therefore to make sure we always buy in the 'right' place we have developed close alliances with several US mortgage lenders. By doing this, we are able to benefit from their super strong algorithms that check economic, demographic and geographical data as part of an assessment for the long term viability of a property. And why do they do this? Because they are putting up to 80% of the money for each property(s) and stand to lose a lot more than you if it all falls over, especially since the loans are on a non-recourse basis.

Find out more about our Location Assurance here

Our points of difference 

We lead by example: afterall, how can we promote this unique opportunity to Investors, if we are not prepared to do the same ourselves?... which is why we bought 5 properties before we even opened our doors for business. 

We go the extra mile: actually more like 100,000 miles is what we've flown in the last few months to properly check out the market and properties so our Investors can be very confident we know what we are talking about. 

Guarantees: We offer up to 2yr income guarantees on our new properties (conditions apply) .

Legal and accounting: We have spent a lot of money with legal and accounting experts both here in NZ and in the US to make sure we get the corporate structure right. This ensures you will receive the full benefit of the DTT (double tax treaty) that exists between between New Zealand and the US and that you won't be taxed twice on the same income (and not surprisingly, many people have got the structure wrong) The full benefit of this knowledge is made freely available to all our investors/clients .Save

Last, but not least: Integrity, we will be honest with you, even if it costs us the sale.