Who is this investment suited to?


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Within reason, the more you invest the safer and more stable the investment and also the more you make. This is made even more obvious in the US when we borrow from their banks/lending institutions and the lowest interest rates are offered on the bigger apartment blocks (and as you know bank uses interest rates to price investment risk).

It is therefore worth considering syndicating your way into a larger project as not only will your investment returns be much higher but according to the banks'lenders your investment will be much safer

The difference in ROI between a smaller and larger project can be 14 up to 18 or even 20% and the investment capital can range from US $300K up to $1.5M or more to get to the cheapest loan rates and highest ROI's



Retirement Income

retirement_1.pngThe US market is particularly well suited to investors looking for safe stable retirement income. For a start you own property (not shares that can vanish without a trace) and the property you own is tied to the world's reserve currency (greenback) the largest economy. But most importantly, US property is a market about cash flow where you can easily earn 15% or more on your investment capital.
Imagine the difference that would make to your retirement if you were able to earn 15% on your investment instead of the piffling 4-6% that banks and local property usually offer here in NZ.


armchair_14918020_s.pngArmchair Investors

Our investment properties are offered as a turnkey delivery and therefore perfect for an Investor who wants take advantage of strong US property market and high cash flow returns in the 10-20% range, BUT doesn't know where to start or hasn't got the spare time to fly to the US and do it themselves.


seminar invite 12914133 -white.jpgA US Property Evening

If you are a serious investor, have at least USD $150K and would like to consider an investment into US property market, then book your seat with other like minded professionals at one of our US property evenings.

Other than some fine reds and cheese, you'll be able to hear us directly speak to the most common FAQ's going into the US market, and for your tax or legal questions, we've also invited a senior partner from law firm Glaister Ennor and an International tax specialist to speak to you for a few minutes.   Booking form & details here