Food for thought - let's talk strategy


Firstly let us say balancing your investment portfolio and making sure you don't have all your eggs in one basket is very important, BUT let us also say you we're biased towards property and will therefore never suggest you balance your investments by also buying shares, stock or other investments!

There are two reasons we think this way. Firstly, properties serve a practical need by putting a roof over someone's head and secondly, despite property values going up and down, they cannot just vanish into thin leaving no trace of your investment capital (unlike shares!) 

Therefore, if you would like our help, our investment strategy suggestions will be limited to different property types and locations. For example if money permits a 14-15% ROI from a corporate space in Houston TX and some new 18% ROI SFRs in Charlotte NC. In this way you are not reliant on one cities economy nor one property type, yet are expected to be very robust and safe investments

To spend time on these discussions you will need at least US $1-1.5M in cash funds ready to invest. 

Disclaimers **
Nothing on this website constitutes legal, tax, or financial advice. Prospective Investors should seek their own professional advice on the consequences of investing. No representation is made that any further information will be given, other than is required by law. Furthermore, the information contained on this website is not comprehensive and is selective. This website and/or documents we provide do not contain all the information that a prospective Investor may require to evaluate a decision to invest and the risks associated with that investment. In making a decision to invest, prospective Investors must rely on their own examination of the information contained on this website, as well as all other information as they may consider relevant.

* Foot notes
The income projections decribed above are based on properties in built up cities of at least 1M or more. The income calculation for the NZ investment is based on a net pre tax ROI of 2-3% and the US a net pre tax ROI of 15%. The NZ/US option, assumes the $400K cash component is on a minimum fixed deposit with any major NZ trading bank of sufficient term to earn 5%