New Apartment Block, Memphis, TN


Purchase Price: USD $5.5 - 6.0M

Investor Cash: $1.8M

Bank Loan: we arrange

ROI: 20-22%


This outstanding investment is based on the purchase of a 100 (approx) unit apartment block similar to that shown above that we build new with our construction partners in Memphis, TN. There are significant advantages in owning new as you have little to no maintenance costs, high occupancy (tenants like new as well) and depending on the deal, you may be able to acquire the building under its market valuation for additional day one equity.


Investment Features:  

  • 15 or 20% ROI's! These returns are better than good:- and only possible because we're borrowing at super competitive rates on these particular properties - and in case you didn't know, these loan rates are not easy to achieve on your own as they are largely dependent on buying the right properties in the right locations as well as the size of the deal. 
    Did you know a 2% drop in interest rates can add 6% onto your ROI? read more 
  • Bad investment proof:- well almost! Our contract procedures and corporate structure make it almost impossible to buy a lemon read more
  • Zero maintenance:- well almost! As you know maintenance costs can be one of the biggest ROI killers. By delivering you new projects we are all but eliminating maintenance costs, at least for the first few years.  
  • Zero vacancy:- well almost! New property(s) have much lower vacancy rates, why? because everybody loves new! - and we sign apartment tenants into 1-2yr leases and commercial tenants into 15yr triple net leases.
  • Stable investment income:- having your income spread over a 100 unit apartment blocks means the odd bad tenant (should they occur) will have a minimal impact on your overall income. Alternatively with our commercial tenants here Houston TX, Retail for sale, your income is supported by a strong 5yr corporate guarantee based on this businesses 33yr track record of success springing from their 200+ existing locations all across the US. And of course you probably already knew this, but the likelihood of stable income also attracts cheaper loans pushing up your ROI because the banks offer us interest rates based on risk.

  • *Non-recourse bank loan:- and by the way, not only is our bank loan at super low rates, it's also non-recourse (ie no personal guarantees) and fixed interest rate!. Try getting those terms from your local NZ bank - NB: the non-recourse loan is a critical part of our process making it almost impossible to buy a bad investment property read more

  • Turnkey delivery: - we deliver your property(s) with a super positive cash flow fully tenanted**, managed and complete with a US bank loan as we mentioned before.    

  • 2yr income guarantee: - your properties come with a 2 year income guarantee (conditions apply) 


 * Although we arrange the non-recourse US bank loan in our name, before you may subscribe to this offer, you will need to be approved by our lender as a person(s) who can assume that loan when when we transfer ownership of the property(s) to you.
** Fully tenanted means 90-100% occupancy as determined by the bank/lender before we can secure a loan




Below are examples of typical apartment floor plans that we can build to.


A typical Apartment Block

Commercial slides apartment 2.jpg

Floor plans - typical layouts

apartment floor plan.JPG





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A US Property Evening

If you are a serious investor, have at least USD $150K and would like to consider an investment into US property market, then book your seat with other like minded professionals at one of our US property evenings.

Other than some fine reds and cheese, you'll be able to hear us directly speak to the most common FAQ's going into the US market, and for your tax or legal questions, we've also invited a senior partner from law firm Glaister Ennor and an International tax specialist to speak to you for a few minutes.   Booking form & details here