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Brief overview

Right now property prices in the US are at an historic 30 year low, the NZ dollar’s at a 30yr high and to top it off, cashflow returns in the 10 - 20% range are easily attainable.

Our Premium Investor Portfolios are therefore perfect for anyone who wants easy access to this unique opportunity via a complete turnkey investment as we’ve already done the hardwork, travel and market research to find the best properties offering the best returns!

What we do, what we offer

  • We build US property portfolios that passively return 10 or 15 or 20% to onsell to you, the Investor, as a turn-key investment. 
  • The portfolios start at USD $250K and comprise 5, 10 or more properties similar to those shown adjacent. Amongst other benefits, each portfolio comes with a 3yr rent and 3yr maintenance guarantee.
  • To do this, we thoroughly research the market and regularly fly to the US to buy properties. 
  • We then refurbish the properties (if necessary), place tenants, engage property managers (that we have met personally), then organise them into portfolios ready for sale to Investors as a complete turnkey, income earning investments.
  • Let's say again, property prices starting at $70K not $700K, net cash returns start at 10% not a 2%, and believe it or not, that's not the best part!




About the properties we buy


Money matters - the basics


Who should invest in US property?


Food for thought - investment strategy


If you haven’t already, take the time to watch these two videos, they provide a useful overview of the market, what we do, the opportunity (as we see it) and answer a number of the most common questions that investors ask, and besides, there’s no ads and each has a fast forward button.


Video One - intro from the home page

Video Two - about premium investor portfolios


Essential documents

Our brochure is a must have document to find out whether investing in the US market is right for you. It is FREE* to serious investors and written in the style of a short form prospectus (non-registered) to help you answer all those the questions that accountants and solictors love asking!

* BUT we (estero) can only sell US property to Investors who are qualified in terms of the NZ Securites Act 1978 - To find out if you are ‘eligible’ - click here


The real opportunity.

We only offered you 10, 15 or 20% ROI's to get your attention but actually the real ROI's are absolutely outstanding once we factor in a bit of capital growth and some 3-4% mortgage money from local US Banks. To find out more, either use the download link directly below or order our brochure here as described above.





 Logged in or registered Investors Investors can also read more about:

  • Contractural and procedural details relating to buying our US property portfolios, procedural descriptions, what we do, what you do etc. 
  • Colour images clearly illustrating the different properties for various 10%, 15%, 20% ROI portfolios.
  • Cash flow calculations showing net returns of 10 or 15 or 20% for each portfolios.
  • More about the 3yr rent and 3yr maintenance guarantees.

  • Information of a general nature to help with due diligence


To login/register

Login by clicking the 'EXPAND+ ' buttons below adjacent to portfolio plan one or click on the large blue button adjacent.This will take you to our registration page where you simply create a username for yourself and enter your email address.  


NB and don't worry, we never share email addresses with third parties.


click the ‘expand’ button adjacent to each portfolio, then login/register to view details

Premium Investor - PLAN OPTIONS

- Portfolio Plan One - 10% ROI


- Portfolio Plan Two - 15% ROI


- Portfolio Plan Three - 20% ROI


- Portfolio Custom Plan - 10 - 20% ROI