“Thanks for coming by, please make sure you are ‘eligible’ in accordance with at least one of the definitions provided below before ordering your FREE brochure using the order form below”.


In the form field described 'ELIGIBLE  Y or N'  please type 'YES' if applicable
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'ELIGIBLE' INVESTORS - (The NZ Securities Act) 

There are several ways an Investor can be 'eligible' and/or permitted to buy US property through our company. Investors are therefore asked to make sure they comply with at least one of the following definitions before requesting a brochure via the form above.

  1. An 'experienced investor' for example, a person who already owns a number of investment properties or several businesses.
  2. Or a person who has earned $200K or more for the last two consecutive years.
  3. Or a person who has a net worth of $2m or more.
  4. Or an 'experienced investor' is a person that an independent financial advisor would certify as having sufficient experience to assess the merits of the offer.
  5. Or finally, although our portfolios start at $250K, there are no restrictions for any person(s) who invests NZ $500K or more on a larger portfolio, as these amounts are outside the scope of the NZ Securities Act.