Basic contractural & procedural detail

In accordance with the Securities Act 1978, ‘The Premium Investor Custom Plan’ (Plan No 4) is open to acceptance from any member of the public, whereas ‘Premium Investor Plans: One, Two and Three’ are restricted to ‘Eligible Investors’ only - go here to check on eligibility 14223193_ml.jpg

Investors may submit an offer for any of the Premium Investor Plans by following the three-step process described below:
One: Request a copy of the Investment Agreement (“Investment Agreement”)
Two: Sign and return two completed copies of the Investment Agreement to Glaister Ennor, Solicitors
Three: Deposit 10% of the Investment Amount into the Glaister Ennor Trust Account.

Subject to ePIL (estero Property Investments Limited) being satisfied as to the availability of US properties at prices that will deliver the required ROI, and provided that the Investor has not made any material changes to the Investment Agreement, ePIL will countersign the Investment Agreement.

The Investment Agreement will detail the Investment Amount and additional financing costs, if applicable, and specify the basis on which the funds paid into the Glaister Ennor Trust Account will be held.

Within 7 calendar days of ePIL’s acceptance, the Investor will be required to pay the balance of the Investment Amount (and any agreed financing costs where applicable) to the Glaister Ennor Trust Account (“Commencement Date”).

From commencement date, ePIL have 6 months to deliver the specified portfolio to the Investor that meets the requirements set out below under 'procedure/method'.

ePIL will incorporate a special-purpose US-based limited liability company (“Company”). This Company will then acquire various properties and enter into all related agreements for the management, tenanting, financing and the like of those properties. If, by the end of 6 months from the Commencement Date, the Company holds properties meeting the criteria set out in the Investment Agreement and is achieving a ROI at or above that specified in the Investment Agreement, the shares in the Company will then be transferred to the Investor and any funds being held by Glaister Ennor will be released to ePIL in accordance with the Investment Agreement. If, for any reason, ePIL has not been able to prepare the agreed Company ready for handover to the Investor at the agreed time, the contract will be void and the Investment Amount will be returned to the Investor.

If Epil do not deliver the completed portfolio within the 6 month time frame, the Investor may terminate the contract and request the return of their Investment Amount in addition to 15% penalty interest*.


The Investor will own all the properties in the portfolio by owning 100% of the shares in the newly incorporated Company that holds title to each property. Furthermore, from the date of purchase, the Company is guaranteed clear title to each property via a title insurance* policy.

*The US has a ‘title insurance’ system that guarantees purchasers clear title to their properties.

ePIL will arrange bridging finance for the purchase of the properties, the cost of which may be added to the Investment Amount on a case-by-case basis, as detailed in the Investment Agreement.

R.O.I. - Return on Investment. Calculated as net income divided by the Investment Amount (equity). Net income is before income tax and bridging finance, but after payments for rates, insurance, mortgage payments, management fees, interest, etc. (See detailed  ROI calculations on previous page)

3yr Maintenance Guarantee - Investors are protected against serious loss of income through excessive maintenance or several very high repair costs with ePIL’s Maintenance Guarantee that caps the maximum cost to Investors at an average of $500 per year, per house/unit, for a total of 3 years.

3yr Rent Guarantee - Investors are protected against serious loss of income through long-term vacancies with ePIL’s Rent Guarantee that provides they will receive sufficient rent, calculated as an average across each home/unit/property for a total of 3 years, to ensure the Investor's portfolio income does not drop below the Guaranteed ROI for the selected Plan.

US Finance & Location Assurance - ePIL will use local US finance to increase Investors ROI through leverage with a LTV ratio in the 50-60% range. The local US finance also provides an essential and strong independent check for long-term viability of the property, as they have developed complex algorithms and data-sampling techniques to protect themselves from bad investments. more info here

Appraisal & Building Inspections - Each property will be appraised (valued) and structurally inspected, by independent and certified professionals, to ensure the Investor pays fair market value for each property in the portfolio. 

Live Video Tour - After transfer of the Company, the Investor may request ePIL provide a live video (Skype or similar) viewing for 1-2 properties in their portfolio.