About our Casual Investor option

Get started in the US property investment market with one of our Casual Investor packages. This is a great way to get one toe in the water and learn about the US market with our support and minimal capital requirements.  

If you are prepared to spend USD$75-150K, we'll sell you 1-2 properties returning you a net (not gross) cash flow income of 8-10% or maybe up to 12% depending on what you're wanting. - (check out our ROI calculations here )

If you look around on the net, you'll see there are many properties like what we're offering you but promising 15, 20 or even 30% returns and whilst we can easily source these properties for you, we won't because those properties are mostly in areas where you collect the rents with a small armoured vehicle and capital growth is forecast somewhere between zero and negative.

Our advice is stick to the good areas offering 8-10 or even 12% returns and if you want to earn 15, 18 or 20% returns, jump into one of our Premium Investor packages (here) and we'll use the US bank money to deliver your higher returns. Now that's smart!

Check out the15-18% ROI's via our Premium Investor packages here

Casual Investor benefits include:
- 1 year no vacancy guarantee - Guaranteed ownership (via title insurance)
- Professional valuation
- Property management
- Rent ready building inspection
- We’re based in NZ, but have physically sighted your property and driven the neighbourhood

About the ‘Casual Investor’ properties:
Generally these properties will have been built after the year 2000 and will be located in a good middle class neighbourhoods (B minus, C plus). This will help to minimise maintenance and vacancy costs. However, we’re sometimes able to buy 1960’s bungalows in a good B/C area that have been thoroughly restored, and would be please to sell this property if it came available.

Property Locations:
Properties in this investment category will generally be located in either Memphis TN or Charlotte NC as both these cities have received excellent write ups for investment destinations.  READ ABOUT THESE CITIES AND OUR PREFERRED INVESTMENT DESTINATIONS here





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